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Carmen Electra Humored ‘Scary Movie’ Toilet Scene

Carmen Electra proved her excellent sense of humor when producers of her latest film Scary Movie 4 presented her with an embarrassing toilet scene.

The former Baywatch actress was under the impression she’d be required to perform “a sexy tingle”–but movie bosses added several unsavory sounds to the scene implying she was suffering from an unpleasant bowel problem.

But Electra, who insists she would have been more embarrassed to be axed from the production, reacted well.

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She says, “My manager had said that one of the producers from Scary Movie 4 needed to talk to me because they had made some changes in the scenes. So I thought they’d cut me out.

“Then when they told me what they had done with the scene I was a little shocked at first. Then I laughed about it.

“The producer reassured me that when they tested the scene the audiences were rolling about in the aisles.

“So I thought, ‘OK, someone has to do the potty humor, why not let it be me?’ So I’m a good sport about it.”

Electra insists her husband Dave Navarro will also approve: “He’ll love that scene. We both have such a silly sense of humor and he loves the first Scary Movie.

“As for the rest of my family, by now they know what to expect from me. So it’ll be no surprise.”

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