‘Carrie’ Remake Delayed, Headed for a Spookier, Halloweenier Release

Carrie Remake Delayed

Halloween just got a little bloodier. Okay a lot bloodier. The remake of Carrie starring Chole Moretz and Julianne Moore has just been pushed from Spring 2013 to October, says a Screen Gems representative. The new release date is now Oct. 18, landing the film right in the yearly onslaught of Halloween shock fare, though there is no official reason for the film’s move.

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While moving a horror film into prime scary movie season makes sense, it also means the remake will go up against the fifth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise, which has been the Halloween horror moneymaker for a nearly four years running.

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But the film looks to be scary enough to hold its own during the horror-heavy season. We screened some footage at New York Comic Con, including scenes of the sleepy little town on fire with a winded and furious blood-covered Carrie standing amongst the ruins. Director Kimberly Pierce expressed her fervent support of the film’s young star, whose age (15 though Carrie is 17 in the film) has been a focus for mild controversy, saying that at times she needed Moretz to “be younger.” It could be a perfect fit for October after all.

[Photo Credit: Screen Gems]


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