Cast Discuss The Alien Creature In ‘Life’ Interview


If astronauts were to actually discover life on another planet the entire world would go into a craze.

People would, of course, have different opinions. That’s what happens to the crew in the film ‘Life’. a single cell life form is discovered on Mars and the crew have different opinions on what to do with it. Some believe it should be researched, others think it should be destroyed immediately. Some are excited at the discovery of another life form, others fear what it could do. Even more so, if something does go wrong, what should be done?

In the above interview, the cast discusses the plot and the moral questions. Ryan Reynolds explains what they actually found and what the character Miranda North (Ferguson) is there to do, Jake Gyllenhaal talks about how what the characters do influences how the alien reacts, Rebecca Ferguson says what she likes about the creature reacting to people, and Director Daniel Espinosa discusses the dilemmas that come up with discovering life.


Life releases March 24, 2017.