Stars Discuss The King In ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Video Interview


We were first introduced to the legendary beast King Kong back in 1933 after he was brought to New York City in King Kong.

Warner Bros newest film ‘Kong: Skull Island’ plans to show you where he came from, and more importantly, why would they bring him back. Post-Vietnam satellites had discovered a new Island in Skull Island. A team of geologists and photographers would be sent to find out whatever data they could. As it turns out, there is a lot more happening on this island than most of the crew knew about. Large animals roam and are kept in check by a monstrous Gorilla.

King Kong is one of the greatest movie monsters ever. To be in a Kong film is an honour, and the cast knew that. In the above interview, John Goodman discusses why the men and women have been sent to Skull Island, Samuel L. Jackson says what makes this movie different than the classic Kong story that we already know, Jing Tian tells us why Kong is king, John C Reilly explains why his character is so strange, and Brie Larson goes into why Kong is important today.


Kong: Skull Island releases March 10, 2017.