Cast Discuss Their Star Becoming Tupac in ‘All Eyez On Me’


Your first acting role can be tough. It’s worse if you’re portraying someone knew. It can be downright impossible if it’s your first role and you’re taking on one of, if not the, most influential man in rap, Tupac Shakur.

In the above interview find out what it was like for new comer Demetrius Shipp Jr. to become Tupac Shakur. Director Benny Boom talks about how meeting him he saw Tupac, Dominic L. Santana discusses becoming Suge Knight, Katerina Graham says what it was like working with Demetrius while he was becoming Tupac, and Demetrius Shipp Jr. explains how before he was even casted he researched Tupac, started becoming Tupac off set, and why it was so important to get the role right.


All Eyez On Me releases June 16, 2017.