Cast of ‘Don’t Breathe’ Discuss Right And Wrong In Video Interview


Don’t make a sound and check your morals at the door.

Rocky (Levy), her boyfriend Money (Zovatto), and their friend Alex (Minnette) like breaking into houses and they want out of their small town, so when Money finds out about an easy heist that they can get $300,000 out of, they decide to go for it. The man (Lang) happens to be old and blind, and while Rocky and Alex second guess the decision, Money reinsures them, and they decide to go for it. The only problem is, this isn’t a normal blind guy. This blind guy is a serial killer and has locked the three friends inside for a game of don’t make a noise or the blind guy will kill you.

This film does something strange the viewer, it makes them question their morals. Sure, robbing people is bad, but he’s old! The kids shouldn’t be in his house, but does he have the right to kill them? In the above interview Jane LevyDylan MinnetteDaniel Zovatto, and Stephen Lang discuses the moral ambiguity of the movie, as well as how they hope the audiences will feel.


Don’t Breathe releases tomorrow, August 26, 2016

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