Cast Of ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Praise Desmond Doss At Premiere


During World War II Desmond Doss went to war but refused to kill. Doss objected the war but was not a coward. The soldier was granted his request of not carrying a weapon but being able to help his fellow man. Basically, no one was ok with this and he was beaten up by his fellow servicemen for being a coward. He ended up saving 75 lives and became the first Conscientious Objector in history to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

The story is flat out amazing and now it’s time to honor Desmond Doss. At the premiere for ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Vince Vaughn loves that the film is about someone a real hero who actually existed, Luke Bracey praises Mel Gibson for being able to create a love and war movie, Teresa Palmer talks about how this film is for everyone, Mel Gibson relates the story to the everyday man, and Andrew Garfield discusses how much of a relatable hero Desmond Doss actually is.


Hacksaw Ridge is out in theaters now.