Cast Of ‘Resident Evil’ Talk About Ending The Franchise


In 1996, video gamers were hit with one of the best zombie shooting games ever, Resident Evil. Since then

Since then there have been 6 more games in the main series and in 2002, they were hit with the first in a series of films, Resident Evil. 15 years later Resident Evil has grossed over a billion dollars and is the Guinness book of World Records as the highest grossing film franchise from a video game. Now, we have reached the 6th film, and if the title runs true, the last in the series, ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’.

Alice (Jovovich) is the only survivor in what was thought to be humanities last stand against the undead. She must return to where it all began, Racoon City, where she must face the Umbrella Corporation, and save the world for (possibly) the last time.

In the above interview Ali Larter tells us why this female-led action franchise was so different from the other ones, Director Paul W.S. Anderson talks about all the secrets he’s had since the original film that will get answered in this film, and Milla Jovovich says why she thinks this franchise did better than other video game to film attempts.


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter releases January 27, 2017.