Cast Of ‘Silence’ Discuss Religion and Doubt In Video Interview


In ‘Silence’ is based off of the book by the same name by Shūsaku Endō. The story takes place in the 17th Century when a priest goes missing (Neeson) after denouncing his faith. Two Jesuit priests (Garfield and Driver) are sent after him to the very dangerous at the time Japan, while also spreading their message of Christianity. Their faith will be tested, and so will their wills to stay alive.

Religion is a difficult thing to discuss at times. People can be extremely passionate about it, and for those who don’t have a belief, it can be hard to understand religion. More so, a film questioning religion is a very risky move.

‘Silence’ is a passion project of Director Martin Scorsese, and in the above interview the director explains that has always struggled with the idea of religion, and actually uses his struggles while choosing the scripts of some of his films, Liam Neeson discusses the stress of having to do a risky movie and Adam Driver talks about how people can relate to doubting your life like the priests do about religion..


Silence is in theaters Friday, December 23, 2016.