Cast of ‘The Predator’ Discuss The Killer Of Their Film


1987’s ‘Predator’ film is the stuff of legends.

It starts with an army versus alien, but ends up turning into one man against an absolute killing machine. Sure it helps when that man is Arnold Schwarzenegger, but even the Schwarzenegger needed to use all of his intelligence and survival skills.

There has been a ton of Predator films since then, and 2018’s ‘The Predator’ tries to break the mold of those. Shane Black, who actually played the “nerd” Hawkins in the original film, is now in the director’s chair, but what makes this version of the Predator the best, scariest, and most kind of intimidating kind of enemy? Well, you upgrade whats already unbeatable.

In the above interview, Shane Black discusses what was so scary about the original, Boyd Holbrook tells us about the size of how big the creature was, Olivia Mann explains how its humanistic features makes it so strange, Keegan-Michael Key says if he would ever go after something like this, Sterling K. Brown then goes into whats worse than one predator, and Boyd returns to claim this film is better than the original.


‘The Predator’ is in theaters September 14, 2018.