Cast Talks About PTSD And Shia LaBeouf From The ‘Man Down’ Premiere


‘Man Down’ is the type of film we wish didn’t have to be made. Unfortunately, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a thing and a thing that’s not talked about enough.

In the film, Marine Gabriel Drummer (LaBeouf) returns home from Afghanistan, but his home he returns to isn’t home anymore, it’s no better than the battle across the sea. Drummer’s Wife (Kate Mara) and son Jonathan have gone missing, so he recruits his best friend and fellow Marine Devin Roberts (Courtney) to try to find Charles who may know where his family is.

At the premiere, the cast made two things very clear. 1) PTSD needs to be talked, and 2) Shia LaBeouf is amazing to work with. Watch the above interview with Kate Mara and Jai Courtney, and then Shia LaBeouf says why he took the project and what he wants Vets to feel after the watching the film.


Man Down is out in theaters now.

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