Catherine Hardwicke To Direct ‘The Bitch Posse’

Catherine HardwickeConfession time! I read Twilight. Then I read all the other books in the series. I even read the half-a-book that Meyers never finished because it got leaked. Then, once I got over that very brief period of fascination with the novels I realized what a load of trash they were. Then the film came out and Summit Entertainment managed to make it an even bigger pile of trash! When I listened to the commentary (I’m a sucker for self-flagilation) I realized what the problem was: Catherine Hardwicke.

Hardwicke is not a good filmmaker and yet she’ll continue to get work because of how successful that film was despite it only making money for simply being Twilight.

She has lined up her new gig, an adaptation of The Bitch Posse. This is yet another young adult book filled with all the emotional ennui of watching a drop of water spread slowly over a paper napkin. The book follows three girls in high school who are tough, but best friends. However something shakes them to the core which haunts them into adulthood. The film jumps back and forth between their high school and adult lives. So hooray for talentless hacks who seem to fail upwards! You give hope to us all!

Source: Deadline