See The Celebrity Filled Premiere For ‘Sausage Party’

‘Sausage Party’ was once a joke between Seth Rogen and his friends. Now it’s actually coming to the screen.

A group of sausages finally get chosen off the shelves. They see this as a great thing and an honor. When they are brought back from the store, they see what the evil humans do once they get home with the food. They grind them, fry them, and eat them. Now Frank (Rogen) goes on a quest to escape his captures and get back to the store to warn the food what’s going to happen to them.

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Ridiculous? Yes. Hilarious? If the movie holds up to the trailers than hell yeah.


In the above interview from the ‘Sausage Party’ premiere Danny McBride and Craig Robinson say what it’s like to work with Rogen and his crew, Michael Cera talks about what it’s like to see the film with other people, Nick Kroll discusses why people will like it, Paul Rudd isn’t sure if his character even has a name, Salma Hayek talks about why she took the role, and Seth Rogen is just thankful of the cast they got, and that they’re still friends with him after the filming finished.


Sausage Party releases this Friday, August 12, 2016.

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