The Cast of ‘Center Stage’: Where Are They Now?

Amanda Schull - Jody Sawyer
Amanda Schull, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/IMDB
The same year she was in Center Stage, Amanda Schull was cast as older sister, Davina Mayhan, on the hit YTV sitcom My Family and Me. At the time of the film, she was also still a member of the San Francisco Ballet, which she retired from in 2006. One Tree Hill fans will easily recognize her as Sara Evans/Katie, Clay's deceased wife and the stalker pretending to be her. She showed up in season 7 and provided an arc for season 8 that almost ended the adorable Clay + Quinn relationship. Recently, she had a recurring role as Katrina Bennett on Suits since 2013. She hasn't left the big screen either, she's currently filming I Am Wrath With John Travolta and Christopher Meloni.
Zoe Saldana - Eva Rodríguez
Zoe Saldana, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/Splash News
Center Stage was actually Zoe Saldana's first film role. Since her days as Eva, she's gone on to become an extremely successful actress, as the world knows (thanks Avatar!). Right after Center Stage, she worked with Britney Spears in Crossroads and then with Nick Cannon in Drumline. She's worked in major films and franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, and obviously Avatar. In 2013 she married Marco Perego, becoming one of many celebrities that married in secret. She's currently slated to reprise her roles from her three biggest works mentioned above, as well as played Jazz musician Nina Simone in the 2015 movie Nina.
Ethan Stiefel - Cooper Nielson
Ethan Stiefel, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/Facebook
Like many of the people involved in this film, Ethan was not an actor, but instead a professional dancer. From 1997 until 2012, he was a member of the American Ballet Theatre. After that, he was the artistic director for Royal New Zealand Ballet until 2014.  Throughout his career Ethan has performed with many different companies, such as the Mariinsky Ballet, the Royal Ballet, the Australian Ballet, Zurich Ballet, Munich Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, National Ballet of Canada and more. In 2008 he appeared in Center Stage: Turn Up, the sequel to the original film, to reprise his character. His last appearance in film & TV came in a 2010 episode of Gossip Girl where he appeared as himself.
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Susan May Pratt - Maureen Cummings
Susan May Pratt, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/IMDB/Brad Buckman
As we're sure you remember, Maureen was the "best" dancer at the American Ballet Academy, but she didn't have the heart that the rest of the members had. Since her days as Maureen, Susan May Pratt has been less at the forefront of film and TV. Right after Center Stage, she starred in Searching For Paradise, an indie film with Sex and the City's Chris Noth. Since then, she's had several one-episode guest roles on popular TV shows like: Mad Men, Private Practice, The Ghost Whisperer, and her last acting credit is for a 2012 episode of Drop Dead Diva.
Ilia Kulik - Sergei
Ilia Kulik, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/Facebook
Given Ilia's good looks, we all thought he was going to become some Hollywood heartthrob, ruling the world in every dancing film around. But in fact, he's a world class Russian figure skater. Most of his success in figure skating is pre-Center Stage, he won the 1998 Olympic gold medal. He hasn't acted since this film, but instead focused on his career of skating. In 2012, Kulik and his wife Ekaterina Gordeeva opened a skating rink in Lake Forest, California. Kulik is currently the coach of Filipino figure skater Michael Christian Martinez.
Sascha Radetsky - Charlie Sims
Sascha Radetsky, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/Broadway Dance Center
Like Ethan Stiefel, Sascha was a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Along with playing the other love interest in Center Stage, he was in the music video for Mandy Moore's "I Wanna Be With You" from the movie's soundtrack. Back in 2008 he joined the Dutch National Ballet as a principal dancer.  In 2015 he can be seen in the new Starz show Flesh & Bone , a show about a troubled woman joining a New York City dance company and learning how tough professional ballet is.
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Shakiem Evans - Erik O. Jones
Shakiem Evans, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/IMDB
As far as acting goes, Shakiem Evans hasn't really had much success. Instead, he's had several very small guest roles in TV and film, his most recent being in The Other Guys back in 2010. You know when Mark Wahlberg's character bursts into the dance studio? He's one of the background guys in that scene. He's done a bit of stage work, including the shows: Fame on 42nd Street!, Mamma Mia!, and High School Musical. He toured with HSM across the U.S. for his role of Chad Danforth.
Debra Monk - Nancy Cummings
Debra Monk, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/WENN
Out of the entire group, Debra Monk has been the most active in Hollywood. After playing Maureen's mother, she was directly on NYPD Blue and A Nero Wolfe Mystery. One of her most notable roles is Louise O'Malley, George's mother on Grey's Anatomy. For obvious heartbreaking reasons, we haven't seen her on that ABC show in years, but she's not MIA. In 2014 she played Judge Gertrude Moss on Reckless and Betty in Mozart in the Jungle. In 2015 you can see her in the TV movie Sneaky Pete.
Donna Murphy -  Juliette Simone
Donna Murphy, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/Splash News
You might remember her as this tough ballet teacher, but Donna Murphy has done so much since then. If you're a big Disney fan, you might recognize her voice from Tangled, as Mother Gothel, the woman who kidnapped Rapunzel and pretended to be her mom for 18 years. She's performed on Broadway professionally over the last two decades, most recently appearing in The People in the Picture in 2011. In the last few years she has done a lot of TV work, with guest roles on these popular shows: The Mentalist, The Good Wife, Royal Pains, and Resurrection. In 2015 she was on the show Hindsight as Georgie.
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Eion Bailey - Jim Gordon
Eion Bailey, Center Stage
Columbia Pictures/Splash News
After this minor role in Center Stage, Eion was well on his way to getting his career moving.  He played Ricky in the cult classic film Fight Club, starring Edward Norton and Brat Pitt. Since then, his career has taken off after playing Pvt. David Kenyon Webster in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. Over the years he's done a lot of work as recurring characters on these popular shows: E.R., Covert Affairs, and Ray Donovan. For the last few years he's been on Stalker as a psychopathic killer and August W. Booth on Once Upon A Time.


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