Flashback to 2000: Why We Love Charlie’s Angels

Besides the fact that it’s a remake of our favorite girl-power series, there are a plethora of reasons why we loved 2000’s Charlie’s Angels. Three of them happen to be the Angels themselves, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu, who play the iconic roles with feist and playfulness. Rounding out the cast are film veterans like Bill Murray and Tim Curry, and a Hollywood dark horse who you’d never expect to go anywhere near Drew Barrymore. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite things about Charlie’s Angels.

1. The Chicks Rule, Boys Drool Message

OK, so the movie basically tries to shove the message down your throat, but watching girls dominate the boys just never gets old. Dylan (Barrymore) punches a drill sergeant in the face and ditches the army, Alex (Liu) is the real-life version of her action star boyfriend — constantly showing him up about bomb knowledge, dodging bullets, and sliding across cars — and Natalie (Diaz) plays personal bodyguard to a very frazzled and frighetend Bosley (Murray).

2. Cameron Diaz Dancing

As if she could get more giggly, Cameron Diaz blinds the audience with her infectious smile as Natalie, who fantasizes of being a professional dancer when she’s not roundhouse kicking bad guys. The scene in which she dreams of being a disco dancing queen, set to the movie’s apropos theme song, “Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel,” makes the entire movie worth watching. As if that weren’t enough, she wakes up and voilà! The very GIF-worthy underwear dancing scene is born.

Not to mention her Soul Train scene:

3. The Supporting Cast

Bill Murray, Tim Curry, Sam Rockwell, Kelly Lynch . . . sounds like an Oscar contender, right? Wrong. It’s much more fun. Bill Murray adds a touch of genius to everything he does, and his portrayal of Bosley hits all the humorous, bumbling notes. His banter with Tim Curry’s Roger Corwin is a study in two film greats shedding their usual stuffy roles and having fun in front of the camera. Then there’s Sam Rockwell and Kelly Lynch as the film’s villains, and they play up the caricature of the sexy baddy perfectly — not to mention Rockwell could give Diaz a run for her money on the dance floor.

4. Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover didn’t let a chick flick influence his acting style. He was just as creepy as ever; in fact, his character was billed as Creepy Thin Man. His highly original blend of silent, pale Dracula type and martial arts master is odd but slick, and beyond brilliant. The way he screams like a banshee as he swings his cane-sword around gives the movie a nice touch of weird.


5. The Ass Kicking:

Besides the feel-good, indulgent, 100 percent pure fun, there are some legit action sequences. The fight scenes were choreographed by the same stunt coordinator who worked on two of the Matrix movies and a whole resume of Chinese kung fu films. While some of the sequences aren’t the most realisic — the Angels often fight in heels — they are high-octane and slick. At the end of the day, the girls look hot while kicking ass, so mission accomplished.

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