Charlize Theron Kicks Ass Behind The Scenes In ‘Atomic Blonde’


Women kick ass, but not so much in movies.

It’s rare that we see a female protagonist that isn’t run by a man. Lorraine Broughton is one of those women. She is a hard hitting, an undercover MI6 agent in Berlin during the cold war and she’s not one to take orders…Something that’s quite refreshing.

In the above interview go behind the scenes with Sofia Boutella about why women in film is important as well as why Charlize is the perfect women from the roll, James McAvoy talks about how she is willing to do anything for this role, including physical harm to her body, and Charlize Theron discusses why she was so magnetized to Lorraine as well as why she’s a different kind of female protagonist.


‘Atomic Blonde’ is out August 28, 2017.