Charlize Theron Shows Real Motherhood In ‘Tully’ Trailer


Motherhood is tough.

Everyone should know that, but it’s something that’s not often talked about. In ‘Tully’ a mom named Mario (Charlize Theron) is going through motherhood, and it’s a kick in the face. All day you have to make sure your kids survive, are clean, fed, get to school, are normal, and more. Then when her husband Drew (Mark Duplass) gets home she has to switch a be a wife.What’s worse is she has another on the way. Drew suggests a night time nanny and Mario is not for that at all.

That’s when Tully (Mackenzie Davis) enters and everything gets a little more normal. As much as Tully is great for relief with the kids, its a fresh perspective at life.


‘Tully’ releases April 20, 2018.

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