Check out Clips from the star studded DIY ‘Princess Bride’ remake

In a world where everything is being remade or made with realistic CGI, there is one movie that I would have said should never be remade.

The Princess Bride.

That movie is a classic and CGI or anything of the like would have ruined the magic and the je ne sais quoi of the original. I say that, but then Quibi released clips of their remake, and I am entirely ok with it. Its a love letter to the original, and in a time that they can’t exactly go out and film a movie because of Coronavirus, the stars do it their own, with what they have at home. And when I say stars, I mean STARS. It feels like everyone wanted to be a part of it.


In this first clip, we have The Grandfather (Rob Reiner, Director of the original) starting the story with his Grandson (Josh Gad). He tells him of Princess Buttercup (Tiffany Haddish) and Westley (Common) and what happened to him, as well as The King (Hugh Jackman) telling his subjects (LEGOs) of his new bride (now Sarah Paulson). Hugh Jackman is in a bathrobe on a lifeguard tower. great stuff.


Now we have the time when Inigo Montoya (Diego Luna) meeting the Dreaded Pirate Roberts (Jack Black).  Jack is climbing the cliff, aka crawling on stairs, and when he finally “reaches the top” they battle. Diego with an umbrella, and Jack with a lightsaber. Side note; Diego was perfectly cast for this.


Fast forward a bit (another side note, really want to see who plays Fezzik, originally Andre the Giant) and The Dreaded Pirate Roberts (Sophie Turner) is with Princess Buttercup (Joe Jonas, nice role rehearsal there) when the evil beast the huge rodents (played by their corgi) attacks.


Are these ridiculous? Yes. Would it make me download Quibi? probably.


‘Home Movie: The Princess Bride’ is out on Quibi now.