Check out the bloopers from ‘Avengers: End Game’

‘Avengers: End Game’ is officially one of the biggest movies ever literally smashing box office records.

That being said as much as I loved the film at times it must have felt really rediculous on set. Long days mixed with props that break easily and some of the funniest most outgoing people that live and you’re going to get some laughs on set. With ‘Avengers: End Game’ about to hit shelves on Blu-ray and everything else soon, Disney dropped a cut of the best bloopers and outtakes, and they’re pretty great. From Chris Pratt trying to warm up everyone’s butt cheeks to Chris Hemsworth hugging the Rocket stand-in doll to Robert Downey Jr. literally breaking everything possible.

Try watching this and then taking those heartfelt scenes seriously.


‘Avengers: End Game’ releases on home video August 13, 2019.