Check Out The Hotness At The ‘Baywatch’ SlowMo Marathon


If you think of Baywatch you probably think of three things. Babes, Beaches, and those SlowMo run the lifeguards would do from the ocean to the beach.

Paramount and the cast of the new film decided to have some fun with that run concept and had an event. The first ever SlowMo marathon took place April 22, 2017, outside of Staples Center in Los Angeles. Fans came out in strides to run like CJ Parker did. Stars of the films came out to support the shenanigans. including Zac EfronAlexandra Daddario, and Kelly Rohrbach. In the above video from the Marathon, the three share their secrets to running in slow motion as well as how excited they were to see the event, and Baywatch show alum Kelly Packard tells us what it’s like to still be asked by fans to run in slow motion.


You can SlowMo run to the Baywatch reboot film on May 26, 2017.