Check Out The Official Featurette For ‘Beauty And The Beast’


We are officially 3 weeks away from what has potential to be one of the biggest film releases this year.

Disney and it’s stars have been working tirelessly to live up to the very high standards that people have for their live-action ‘Beauty and The Beast’. For many adults, it’s one of the earliest films that they can remember. The characters, story, songs and feelings must be done to perfection or else fans may possibly riot (ok maybe it’s not that serious, but still, the better get it right).

In the above interview the creators and stars of the film, including Emma WatsonDan StevensLuke EvansJosh Gad, Sir Ian McKellen, and Ewan McGregor and more take us in for a behind the scenes look at the creation of the movie, as well as why living up to the standards is important to them, as well as why the songs are so rememberable.


Beauty and The Beast releases March 17, 2017.