Check out the Trailer for Kingsman prequel ‘The King’s Man’

If you have never seen the Kingsman films you messed up.

When the first one was coming out it seemed like a boring generic spy film, but it wasn’t. That church scene is a piece of art, and spoiler killing the main star 3/4s in and you know this film was something special. The second film did well, and we would know there would be some sort of sequel. Half right on that, what we have with ‘The King’s Man’ is a prequel.

The Kingsman is an elite organization and had to start somewhere, and that’s what we get with this trailer. Tyrants and leaders bent on destruction and we need someone to take them down. Not much is told in this trailer, but Ralph Fiennes is in it, and that just makes sense.

As long as it still kicks as much ass as the other ones I’ll be there.


‘The King’s Man’ releases on February 14, 2020.