Choosing Between Two Men In ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ Interview


Well, Bridget Jones is in a love triangle yet again.


In 2001’s Bridget Jones’s Diary Bridget (Zellweger) was a 30 something living it up in London and had to choose between two men, her boss Daniel (Hugh Grant) and Mark (Firth). She chooses Mark and in 2004 Bridget didn’t know how to deal with love in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Now it’s years later and Mark and Bridget have been long broken up. Bridget has established herself in her career but is single at 40. She meets Jack and, very quickly, falls for him. Then a week later she sees Mark and rekindles their love. Then she finds out she’s pregnant and it could be either of the men’s baby. Now Bridge Jone has to choose between the two in ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’.

In the above interview Colin Firth know how unnecessary he is in the franchise, Emma Thompson talks about how her character is judgemental yet caring, Patrick Dempsey is excited to join the franchise, and Renee Zellweger loves that she again gets to choose between two men, as well as why people love Bridget Jones so much.


Bridget Jones’s Baby comes out this Friday, September 16, 2016.

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