Chris Nolan And Cast Discuss Filming ‘Dunkirk’ In Video Interview


Nolan is kind of known for going over the top to do real effects for his movies.

Scenes like the truck blowing up in Chicago in The Dark Knight Rises, or the plane dropping in The Dark Knight Rises, and even sending IMAX cameras to space for Interstellar are all things he’s done before. For his latest film Dunkirk he continued that tradition of doing things in camera, but this time it felt like that was for a reason.

Dunkirk was a real event. British soldiers were really evacuated off of a beach even in harm’s way. People really died, and civilians really did come to the rescue. That’s why doing things like filming on the actual beaches of Dunkirk, recreating the Moonstone that was actually used, and even actually using Spitfire planes in their dog fights made a little bit more sense.

In the above interview, Harry Styles and Fionn Whitehead discuss why shooting at Dunkirk put everything into perspective for them and the rest of the cast and crew, Jack Lowden talks about how it was shooting in a Spitfire plane, Mark Rylance and Barry Keoghan tells us what their roles are as well as why the real people did what they did, and Christopher Nolan says why he chose this film to be his first true story film as well as what one can take from watching it.


Dunkirk releases July 21, 2017.