Christian Bale, Jealous of ‘Argo’, Schlubs It Up with ’70s Comb Over — SET PICS

“Confound it!” groused an embittered Christian Bale the morning after the 85th Annual Academy Awards. “Why wasn’t I in Argo?”

It’s a sentiment a lot of actors must have endured — resentment on not having been a part of the Hollywood love letter that nabbed the Best Picture Oscar and thrilled audiences nationwide. But Bale seems to have really taken this missed opportunity to heart. So much so that he’s kind of actually still trying to be in Argo. That is, a movie that seems remarkably like Argo: Abscam.

Christian Bale, 'Abscam'

The officially untitled David O. Russell project, shooting now in Boston, has a good deal of similarities to Ben Affleck’s hit. The plot centers on an FBI sting operation (to Argo‘s CIA hostage rescue operation) in the late 1970s/early ’80s (same as Argo) with the corruption of the American government a thematic forefront (same as Argo) and a whole lot of regrettable haircuts (same as Argo). You can witness one of these haircuts atop the dome of Bale in these new images from the Abscam (which, much like argo, is a short, catchy, but confusing disyllabic non-word starting with the letter a), wherein he kicks up the creep factor in talking to and walking away from costar Amy Adams.

Christian Bale, 'Abscam'

So what do you think, Argo fans? Can Abscam live up to the grandeur of the BP winner? Does Bale have what it takes to rival Affleck’s Tony Mendez? Can the suits really get any tackier? Keep watch to find out!

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