Christian Bale & Brad Anderson Reunite For ‘Concrete Island’

Christian BaleRemember when Christian Bale got all freakishly skinny for The Machinist? Like, so freakishly skinny that the dude’s body was caving in? Yeah, we do too. But fortunately, we remember how awesome a movie The Machinist was as well.

Now it appears that same team is coming together again. We Got This Covered reports that, while interviewing The Machinist’s director Brad Anderson about his next project Concrete Island — an adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s novel, he revealed that Bale will be starring in the film with The Machinist writer Scott Kosar adapting the screenplay. According to the interview, here’s the exact quote:

“I’ve got another project that Scott Kosar, the writer of The Machinist is writing. It’s based on J.G. Ballard’s novel called Concrete Island. It’s an urban survival story that Christian Bale is attached to be in.”

For those unaware, the story of “Concrete Island” follows a wealthy architect named Robert Maitland who’s stranded on a manmade “island,” which, in reality, is a fenced-off area in the middle of a speedway. But as things progress, Robert suddenly finds himself wondering what’s real and what isn’t. So, um, pretty much, it’s The Machinist? Hopefully, though, things are a little less gross.

Source: We Got This Covered