Christian Bale Fueds With Oscar Isaac Over Love In ‘The Promise’ Trailer


Love triangles are constantly prominent in films. The one in ‘The Promise’ is a little different.

A love triangle forms when Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) must choose between the young and brilliant medical student Mikael (Oscar Isaac) and the well-known American journalist Chris Myers(Christian Bale). The thing that sets this film apart from the normal romantic film (besides the star power) is the location and time that this film takes place in.

The film’s backdrop is the final years of the Ottoman Empire, and more specifically, the Armenian Genocide. After the World War 1 was rounding up the Ottoman empire would gather up the Armenians to massacre them. This entire love story takes place during that time, where Mikael was being hunted and would have to hide with Ana, and hopefully survive.

If that’s not enough to get you to want to see the film, proceeds will be donated to different humanitarian causes, including Elton John’s AIDs Foundation.


‘The Promise’ is in theaters April 21, 2017.