Christina Aguilera reflects on ‘amazing’ contribution to Disney’s Mulan films

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is thrilled to be involved with Disney’s live-action reimagining of Mulan after she first contributed song Reflection to the soundtrack of the 1998 animated classic.

The star was just 16 when she first got onboard with the movie and, almost 22 years later, Christina confirmed she’s contributed music to the soundtrack for the new movie.

Speaking at the world premiere of the film on Thursday (March 5, 2020) in Hollywood, the star told Entertainment Tonight “it feels so amazing” to still be working with the franchise.

“Just to come full circle as a grown woman who has had an amazing career thus far and to be able to take my children to now the live action movie,” she marvelled, adding how rewarding it feels to “do something that I love and I believe in so much.”

Explaining the inspiration behind one of her new tunes, Loyal Brave True, which has themes of determination, vulnerability, strength, and persistence, she added: “Being a warrior and a fighter is what has been the thread throughout all the music in my career… So to now be bringing that to light once again in such a beautiful film is so amazing, nostalgic and very meant to be.”

Christina has also made a new version of Reflection for the flick, which hits theatres March 27th.