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Christopher Plummer Lost Out to Spacey for ‘All the Money in the World’

Christopher Plummer finds it “ironic” he is now the new star of Ridley Scott film All The Money In The World because he had originally lost out on the role to Kevin Spacey.

The disgraced American Beauty star featured as oil tycoon John Paul Getty in the movie, which recounts the real-life kidnapping of his grandson, but he was recently cut from the final edit after he was accused of multiple incidents of sexual misconduct.

Plummer was brought in to replace Spacey, with the reshoots commencing next week (begs20Nov17) in a bid to keep the film’s 22 December (17) release date.

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The Sound of Music actor, who previously admitted the whole situation was “very sad”, has since revealed the industry drama is all the more interesting because he had tried out for the role of Getty when Ridley first cast the project, but the director opted to go with Spacey instead.

“We were both up for the part – the same part – months ago, so in a funny, ironic way it’s coming back to me,” Plummer remarked while attending a Charles Dickens exhibit at New York’s Pierpont Morgan Library on Tuesday (14Nov17).

The veteran star is taking the project in his stride, despite the tight time frame for reshoots, insisting his only concern is mastering his lines, reports The Associated Press.

Asked if he’s feeling any pressure over the role, he said, “Actually just to learn my lines, because it has to be done very quickly before they release the picture.”

The movie also features Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams and had already been touted as an awards season contender before Spacey’s sex scandal threatened to impact the project’s release.

He became the latest Hollywood power player to be accused of sexual harassment and assault in late October (17), when Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp claimed Spacey had acted inappropriately with him when he was only 14.

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Spacey quickly apologized to Rapp, although he insisted he had no recollection of the encounter, but several other men have since come forward with similar stories about the Oscar winner.

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