Chucky Gets An Update In ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot


There have been a total of 7 Chucky films and over that time Chucky has lost some of his pizzaz.

Sure he still makes you look at dolls twice, but as a movie star, he’s gone down. The Child’s Play reboot comes along and hopefully, it brings a change to the series.

The original film went along with the 80s need for excess. More, bigger, louder, the works. Now 2019 and the reboot today, everything is smart connected, including the toys that Kaslan Corp puts out. Smart speakers, drones, even something to connect them all (seriously there is a viral site set up). Even their new product, the My Buddi doll is connected and online. Single mom Karen (Audrey Plaza) wants to get her son the best toy, which is, of course, one of those Buddi dolls. Then something happens to bring out the Chucky we all fear.


‘Child’s Play’ releases on June 21, 2019.