Colin Farrell’s ‘Total Recall’ Trailer: Not the Schwarzenegger Movie You Remember


Total RecallTwilight seems to have kicked off yet another trend. After launching vampires, werewolves, young adult fiction, love triangles and Kristen Stewarts popular, the film series has unleashed a wave of “teaser teasers” unto the world. Following in step with the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer that teased a Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer, the upcoming sci-fi thriller Total Recall has created a new video to get its fans ready for an upcoming trailer.

On Sunday, April 1, Total Recall will release its first full trailer. But to whet the appetites of fans of Colin Farrell, director Len Wiseman or source material author Philip K. Dick, a pre-teaser is unleashed. You don’t see much in the video—a few shots of a destitute city, mind-control technology, flying vehicles and exploding bridges. Hopefully, more of the story will come through in the Sunday trailer…without sacrificing any shots of exploding bridges, though. Those are important too.

Check back Sunday for the full version!