Colin Firth To Appear In ‘Stoker?’

Colin FirthFresh off an Oscar win, what would you do? I’m not exactly sure how much pudding it would take to fill a swimming pool (or how good a lifeguard Emma Watson is), but I’d find out. Colin Firth does the sensible thing and starts talking about appearing in another movie. That’s probably why he actually has an Academy Award while I sit at home practicing my acceptance speeches in the mirror.

Anyway, Firth is in talks to star in Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook’s English-language feature debut Stoker. The script comes from actor Wentworth Miller and Ridley and Tony Scott are producing the Fox Searchlight production, which aims to begin shooting this spring. While the plot has been under tight wraps, we do know that the film follows a girl who reconnects with her uncle after the death of her father. Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska will co-star, so Firth would likely play the uncle while one can assume that Wasikowska would be the girl since no amount of Botox could make Kidman a convincing teenager at this point.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter