Coming-of-age murder story ‘When the Streetlights Go On’ Trailer

Who doesn’t love a good coming of age story mixed with a Lil bit of a murder?

‘When the Streetlights Go On’ is a Quibi movie broken up into 10-minute segments. It follows a narrator telling the story of his youth (Chosen Jacobs). In 1995 he was just a 15-year-old boy with not a care in the world. That is until the one day that he rolls his bike up to two dead bodies. Detective (Queen Latifah) goes on and there is a suspect in Casper (Adam Long), the boy that everyone thought did it.

There is a lot going on, all in neat 10-minute stories.


‘When the Streetlights Go On’ is a “Movies in Chapters” and will debut on April 6 with the launch of the Quibi.