‘Conan’ Helmer Marcus Nispel to Direct ‘Hack/Slash’

7827667.jpgBeloved German schlockmeister Marcus Nispel, most recently the director of the ill-fated Conan the Barbarian remake, has found a new gig. THR reports that Nispel has been tapped to helm Hack/Slash, Relativity Media’s adaptation of the popular comic book about a girl who goes from slasher prey to slasher-slayer. (Her name, naturally, is Cassie Hack.) The project has seen more than its share of personnel changes since its inception, with commercial director Fredrik Bond the most recent casualty of its well-documented development struggles. Presumably, Nispel will get started on Hack/Slash as soon as he wraps things up on his latest project, Backmask, the true story of Joseph Derrick, a 19th-century Englishman cursed with cheekbones shaped like vertebrae.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter