Could Michael Shannon Be The New ‘Superman’ Nemesis?

Hollywood.comNow that director Zack Snyder has locked in British actor Henry Cavill as the titular “Man of Steel”, as well as Diane Lane and Kevin Costner for Ma and Pa Kent in Legendary Pictures’ upcoming Superman reboot, all that remains is to find a suitable villain. And according to the little bird that’s always talking to Deadline, Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Shannon could be a top pick for the role.

With a terrific season of Empire now under his belt, and a number of memorable smaller roles in well-reviewed movies like Revolutionary Road, it’s about time that Shannon get some big studio money for all his hard work. Plus, his face is certainly oddly-shaped enough to convey some serious malevolence — in the right light. 

Still, while rumors point to the possibility that he could be stepping into the shoes of Kryptonian villain ‘General Zod’, Shannon is obviously only one of several actors being considered for the undisclosed role. As always, we’ll let you know when we hear more.

Source: Deadline