Cranston Returns To The Drug World In ‘The Infiltrator’ Trailer

Cranston may have made meth in the hit series Breaking Bad, but in ‘The Infiltrator’, Cranston goes undercover into one of the most famous drug rings for a sting operation.

‘The Infiltrator’ is the based on a true story of Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston). In 1986, Pablo Escobar was one of the top drug lords, responsible for 80% of the countries drugs. In order to infiltrate Escobar, Mazur needed a partner Emir Abreau (John Leguizamo) and a fake wife in Kathy Etz (Diane Kruger). Robert Mazur would have to play the part in order to take down the biggest drug sting in United States history.


The Infiltrator will be out July 15, 2016.