D’Onofrio to Get ‘Down and Dirty’ Playing Harvey Weinstein

Vincent D’Onofrio has played everything from a detective to a fisherman, a priest and an alien cockroach. Now he’s about to play Harvey Weinstein.

According to Screen, the casting development emerged as 7th Level Entertainment Group announced it had signed a deal to support Yamani Pictures’ 2010-15 feature slate with tours and events.

The film in which D’Onofrio would play the mogul is Down and Dirty, an adaptation of Peter Biskind’s Hollywood tell-all.

Besides Down and Dirty, other titles on Yamani’s 2010-11 production slate include Bill Condon‘s Richard Pryor film Is It Something I Said, starring Eddie Murphy, and Only the Hood Dies Young with Bruce WillisDMX and Mickey Rourke.

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