Daniel Radcliffe Takes On Neo-Nazis In ‘Imperium’ Trailer

Radcliffe has taken some interesting roles post-Harry Potter. In Horns he played the devil, in Victor Frankenstein he played Igor, and most recently he played Manny, a farting talking corpse in Swiss Army Man, a farting corpse.

In ‘Imperium’ Radcliffe is taking a much different role.

The film a based on a true career of Michael German. Nate Foster (Radcliffe) is a war veteran who was sent by the FBI undercover to a white supremacist group. Nate got into the group and discovered they were looking to make a dirty bomb, and it’s up to warn the FBI to try to stop it all while not being discovered.

Imperium will be out in select theaters and on demand on August 19, 2016.