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Danny DeVito Opens Up About ‘Twins’ Sequel

Danny DeVito won’t settle when it comes to finding a script for a sequel to his hit movie Twins.

The 71-year-old actor starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1988 film, which told the story of one man’s hunt for his twin brother. The movie has become a cult classic over the years, and recent reports suggested work was beginning on a follow-up movie entitled Triplets.

However, appearing on British television show Lorraine on Tuesday (04Oct16), Danny urged fans not to hold their breath for a sequel, as he has yet to find a script he thinks would work.

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“We’ve been trying for a while now, but the big thing is… it’s very very difficult to find a good script,” he said. “And you just can’t do it because it’s the name of the thing, do you know what I mean? Like Arnold, Danny in Triplets, blah blah blah. It’s a good idea but I don’t want to let you guys down… The material has to be right so I can come back on your show and you can go, ‘Ah, that was amazing!’”

There remains a listing for Triplets on industry website IMDB.com, with Eddie Murphy lined up to play the duo’s long-lost sibling, and actor-turned- politician Schwarzenegger previously said he is definitely up for reprising his character in a follow-up film.

“We are talking about a sequel, where we find out at the funeral of our mother, when we read the will, that there’s three of us,” he told radio DJ Howard Stern. “Eddie Murphy loves the idea. Danny and I had lunch with Eddie over at my house and talked about the thing, and we were laughing and laughing the whole meal through because it was such a funny idea.”

Until then, Danny is being kept busy with various movies in the pipeline. He is currently receiving critical acclaim for short film Curmudgeons, which stars his daughter Lucy and was produced by his son Jake.

Working with his offspring on the project was a unique experience for Danny, who told host Lorraine his children can get a response from him that no-one else can obtain.

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“These guys know how to give me the business, how to push the buttons – they’ve been doing it for their whole life. So it’s like, I respond to it big time!” he smiled.

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