Darren Aronofsky Wants Christian Bale to Board ‘Noah’s Ark’

Christian BaleDarren Aronofsky is no dummie. He wants to make a big, expensive ($130 million) movie about Noah’s Ark, but he doesn’t think he can just waltz into a studio and try to get this thing on film without some sort of star power. That’s probably why he’s looking to nab Christian Bale as his Noah.

According to Vulture, Aronofsky is in talks with the Oscar-winner to secure him for the Great Flood. As we said before, Paramount, Summit and Fox are all hesitantly circling the film that would serve as the follow-up to his much buzzed about 2010 film, Black Swan. If Aronofsky can get Bale to commit to the film before he’s got a backer, it’s a lot more likely he’ll actually be able to secure that hefty price tag on a film about a BIBLICAL STORY WE ALL KNOW ALREADY.

Granted, as an Aronofsky fan, I have no doubt this film will be much more than just a retelling of a bible story. I mean, take The Fountain for example — this guy’s imagination knows no bounds, sometimes at the risk of a lack of cohesiveness, but we’re going to try not to think about that part. All that aside, is anyone else kind of excited at the notion of Christian Bale in a floor-length robe and white beard, yelling at a bunch of animals to get on the freaking boat already?

Source: Vulture