‘Dead Man Down’ Star Colin Farrell Is Feeling Lucky — EXCLUSIVE PICS

Colin Farrell Dead Man Down Exclusive

Today’s big screen crime fiction comes in two forms: the watered-down procedural that might as well be a murder-of-the-week TV episode, or mystery stories by way of summer blockbusters. So when a movie appears to aim for the ol’ fashioned noir tales, we take notice.

Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace’s latest thriller, Dead Man Down, looks like it could fit that bill. Directed by Niels Arden Oplev, who knows a thing or two about gritty crime dramas, having directed the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, Dead Man Down follows a mob enforcer (Farrell) as he investigates the murder of his family and plots revenge against his former boss (Terrence Howard). Along the way, he runs into a femme fatale (Rapace), who blackmails him into helping her carry out her own violent revenge.

That’s a lot of revenge! Perfect.

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Dead Man Down is sure to take twists and turns as it unrolls its elaborate web of deception, so Hollywood.com is happy to debut two exclusive images from the movie to tease the film’s mystery. Colin Farrell holding a rabbit’s foot? Noomi Rapace covered in scars? How do the two connect?? Let your imagination fill in the blanks and collect solid evidence when the movie his theaters March 8.

Noomi Rapace Dead Man Down Exclusive

The folks behind Dead Man Down are also offering a way to get into your own adventure: Follow Beatrice on Instagram at instagram.com/deadmandown and then upload your own photos to Instagram using the hashtag #ISawWhatYouDid for your chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Head to the film’s official Facebook page for more details.

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