‘Deadpool 2’ Goes PG-13 in ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ Trailer

‘Deadpool 2’ was a great movie, but it missed out on an important group.


‘Deadpool 2’ was rated R so for the holidays Deadpool (and more importantly Fox) want some more money, so they will make their rater R film PG-13 with ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’. While this is definitely a quest for more money, We will have some new footage. From the trailer, we see that this is Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) telling the story to Fred Savage (actual Fred Savage), just like Fred did in the classic movie ‘The Princess Bride’.

Fred is like his last name and very savage. He doesn’t understand why Deadpool is in his room, and he likes the “Marvel Films” and not the fox Marvel movies.

If you were a good parent and didn’t take your young son/daughter to ‘Deadpool 2’, despite how much he/she asked and then just went with their friends instead, this might be the film for you.


‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ will release in theaters ‘December 12, 2018.