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Did Cruise Cut Holmes Nude Scenes?

A sex scene between Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart has been deleted from new movie Thank You For Smoking–leading insiders to claim her fiancé Tom Cruise exerted his superstar influence to ensure its removal.

In Thank You For SmokingHolmes‘ and Eckhart‘s characters partake in a raunchy love scene which was conspicuous by its absence when the film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

The sexy shots were present when the movie was shown at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada last year.

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Director Jason Reitman humorously told reporters at Sundance the romp was cut due to a “technical glitch,” before adding, “If you want to see a sex scene with Katie Holmes, rent The Gift.”

Holmes, who is pregnant with Cruise‘s baby, appeared topless in the 2000 movie.

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