7 Dirty Jokes Found In Your Favorite Disney Movies

We all have a favorite Disney movie that we have watched over and over, but chances are your favorite one probably has a few inappropriate jokes here and there. Sometimes this is due to the parents needing to also be entertained, but other times this is because employees just liked to see what they can get away with! That’s right, some of the terrible dirty jokes that have slipped through editing had to later be edited out after the movie’s release because the dirty jokes are just that  bad.

1. There’s a topless woman poster in “The Rescuers”


There are many hidden messages or dirty jokes that are debatable on whether they were put there on purpose, but this one is NOT one of them. In a scene of our heroes on the run they pass by a very inappropriate poster. After being called out the poster was edited out of later copies.

2. A computer has an orgasm in “The Brave Little Toaster”


Of course as a child you wouldn’t know what in the world is happening in this scene. As an adult you might still be confused, but not about what is happening instead this scene makes you ask WHY?

3. A boy mistakes a uvula for a vulva in “Monster House”


This is actually a very smart and funny joke that is so well hidden it made it to the trailer! When one girl mentions that the haunted house has a uvula (the tissue that hangs in the back of a person’s mouth), one of the boys think she means vulva and believes this means the house is a female.

4. Buzz’s “erection” in “Toy Story 2”


No, Disney didn’t go as far to draw an actual penis erection…this time, but to give a little wink to the adults in the room there is a scene where Buzz is so overcome with excitement for Jessie that his wings flip up and his lights go off. Kids might think that is just Buzz being scared, but us older folks know what’s really happening.

5. There is a very debated boner in “The Little Mermaid”


This is the time that Disney might have gotten away with including a penis erection in a beloved cartoon. In the wedding scene there is a short priest that seems to have something going on down below. Many have called out Disney for this scene, but they have responded that it is the man’s knee. Either way it has been later edited out for future copies.

6.Mia and Tia flash Lightning in “Cars”


Lightning McQueen is essentially a rock star so it wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary if he gets flashed by some twins, right? Well that was the thinking behind the movie’s creators, and they cleverly had twins turn on their high beams for the main character.

7. Clouds spell out sex in “The Lion King”


This is another highly debated scene found in a classic. When Simba lies down in grass dust flies up in the air. Most won’t see what is so dirty about this, but if you freeze frame it at the right time you can faintly see the dust spell out s-e-x. It could be a stretch, but after everything we just listed we wouldn’t rule it out!

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