Disney drops Teaser for their live action ‘Mulan’

Disney’s been remaking their animated movies left and right (some would say far too quickly) and there is finally one that I’m hyped for.

The teaser for Mulan released over the weekend, and before it came out I for one was just not excited for it. I haven’t been that into any of their other releases, and when it was announced that there would be no singing it felt like the nail on the casket for me.

Then this simple teaser came out. This one feels different. It looks like a period piece instead of just a remake. Sure people have something to complain about, they always do, this time it’s that there is no Mushu in this teaser. This feels like the first time that there haven’t been complaints about the acting choice, which casting directors auditioned over a thousand actors to find their perfect Mulan.

This is just a teaser, and I’m pretty optimistic about it.


‘Mulan’ releases on March 27, 2020.