5 Animated Disney Villains Who Deserve the Live-Action Treatment


Based on the recently released teaser trailer, we’ve got high hopes for Angelina Jolie‘s turn as Maleficent. So evil. So glamorous. It’s a dream come true for every kid who was equal parts terrified and captivated by the Sleeping Beauty sorceress. And now we’ve got a hankering for some more animated baddie updates. Here are five more villains Disney should consider reinventing in live-action.

Madam Mim

Someone please put a lavender wig on Melissa McCarthy and let her loose as the loopy witch from The Sword in the Stone.


With Disney Theatricals’ stage production of The Little Mermaid, we’ve already had a taste of a live-action Ursula. Plus, there’s a juicy backstory that got the Sea Witch from King Triton’s palace into her creepy underwater cave and we wouldn’t mind seeing that play out in an Ursula-centric prequel.


Highly underrated and forever quotable, The Emperor’s New Groove had a flawless foe in Yzma. But it would be near impossible to find an actress worthy of succeeding the peerless Eartha Kitt, whose playful performance made the whole thing sing.

Madam Medusa

A more demented Miss Hannigan type, The Rescuers‘ Madam Medusa would be a prime part for any comedienne to sink her teeth into. 


Alert us the moment James Woods signs on to do this Hercules spin-off, and we’ll preorder our tickets.