Theories On Neill Blomkamp’s ‘District 10’: What Has Alien Wikus Been Up To?

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When District 9 hit theaters, no one quite new what to expect. This was a movie by a director no one knew and a cast no one had heard of. But it was backed by Peter Jackson, and we trust Peter Jackson. And it’s a good thing we did, because District 9 blew everyone’s socks off, and plagued us all with fantasies about growing alien limbs and operating extraterrestrial weapons.

After District 9‘s success ($210 million worldwide, four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and a 90% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes), many people asked director Neill Blomkamp about making a sequel. Blomkamp shrugged the questions off, and the possibility of a sequel dimmed. But now fans have reason to get excited again: Wired did a profile of Blomkamp, revealing that he and his wife and writing partner, Terri Tatchell, have “written an 18-page treatment for District 10.” Blomkamp is keeping tight-lipped about the project though, saying only that it’s “really f**king cool.” So what could the sequel be about?

First off, it will almost certainly be set in District 10, the larger government camp located farther from Johannesburg than District 9 was, to which the aliens were moved to during the first film. My guess is that it could go one of two ways: It could deal with infected hero Wikus’ (Sharlto Copley) life in the time before fellow scientist Christopher (Jason Cope) returns with the cure. Otherwise it could involve the very events of Christopher’s return and Wikus’ transformation back to a human. Or possibly some combination of the two.

At the end of District 9, we saw a fully transformed Wikus making a metal flower, much like the one left on his wife’s doorstep, leading us to believe that he didn’t lose any of his mental characteristics, only his physical ones. We know that it would be three years before Christopher could return with the cure, so it would be interesting to see how Wikus copes with being an alien living in District 10. The movie would also have the opportunity to focus more on the conditions there than we were able to see in the first film.

There’s also the possibility that the sequel will show us Christopher’s return to Earth and Wikus’ return to his original human form. It could deal with Wikus’ reintegration to human society after three years of not only living as an alien but also of living in a government camp. It could also potentially involve a storyline of trying to integrate all the aliens into human society.

Then again, Blomkamp could decide to go in an entirely different direction with this one. Maybe District 10 is an awesome place to live and Alien Wikus spends his three years there partying with his alien buddies and doesn’t want to become a human again. It’s hard to say.

Until Blomkamp decides to share some (or any) details with us, we’ll just have to keep speculating. But now at least there’s tangible hope for a District 9  sequel. And we’ve also got Elysium to look forward to in August and another film, Chappie, coming in 2014. All in all, Blomkamp is keeping busy, and if District 9  is anything to judge by, he’s going to be giving us great things.

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