Do You Want To Play A Game? ‘Saw 8’ Starts Filming In September


The Saw franchise might seem as dead as a victim of Jigsaw’s reverse bear trap, but we should all know by now, a Saw sequel is almost as impossible to stop as the clown-faced, mass murderer we’ve all grown to love (and be pretty disgusted by). 

We haven’t heard much about Saw: Legacy, the eighth installment of the gruesome horror series. In fact, we really thought the Saw franchise was done for good after they named their last film Saw: The Final Chapter, but we’re delighted to hear that after months of staying mum, Saw: Legacy will begin filming in September!

When we last heard about Saw 8, it had yet to be written, but a lot has changed since then. According to Bloody Disgustingwho found the information on Canadian union site IATSE873, the next installment of the franchise will begin filming in Toronto in September. 

As previously reported, Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, who are behind the campy horror films Piranha 3D,  Piranha 3DD and Sorority Row, have penned the script, while James Wan and Leigh Whannell, who created Saw in 2004, are rumored to be executive producers. Dan Heffner and Oren Koules, who have produced all of the Saw films, are also returning to their roles. 

It’s unclear which direction the new film will take, but we’re thinking that based on the title, it could be totally different. Jigsaw could have a new face — or at least a new man behind him. Saw: The Final Chapter ended with the same bathroom trap that Dr. Lawrence Gordon was stuck in during the first Saw. Instead of being the one who is trapped, Dr. Lawrence Gordon turns off the lights, locks the door and leaves Detective Mark Hoffman in the bathroom to die. Could Dr. Gordon be the new Jigsaw? We already saw protegee and Jigsaw victim Amanda Young take the helm when John Kramer (the man originally behind Jigsaw) was on his death bed with cancer. What we can count on is the same level of stomach-turning, heart-racing gore the series is known for.

Saw: Legacy is supposed to begin shooting between September 12th and October 21st.

If you don’t remember how messed up the Saw movies are, check out the original trailer below.