Dr. Oz the Great and Powerful! — TV’s Doc Travels to the Magical Land in New Video

Dr. Oz the Great and Powerful

Somewhere, beyond even the most far reaching arcs of reflected light, there exists a magical world. A world accessible only via the transport of Kansan windstorms. A world filled with singing munchkins, flying monkeys, wicked witches, and one great and powerful wizard. A wizard who goes by the name of Oz.

Dr. Oz, that is.

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While we’ve seen this wizard take form as a bumbling, mustachioed, jack-of-all-trades in the 1939 classic Wizard of Oz, and as James Franco in the trailers for the upcoming movie Oz the Great and Powerful, the below video reveals the true savior of this yellow brick kingdom as none other than Mehmet Oz, the daytime TV doc who doles out dieting advice with the indomitable Oprah stamp of approval. Oz has worked his magic on our world, and now we’ll see him bring this sense of wonder to a land of water fairies and menacing crows. Can he save the whimsical land from the terrors of evil, darkness, and malnutrition?

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