‘Dunkirk’ Proves It Will Be A Summer Hit In Main Trailer


First off I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit of a Nolan fanboy.

Christopher Nolan is my favorite director. All of his films have been entertaining and are meant to provoke thought and discussion, and those are traits make to be an excellent film. Combine that with the greatest generation WWII, a story that has never been brought to film and most Americans had never heard of, the beauty of IMAX cameras, and the star power that this film has, and I believe this film will be one hell of a Summer epic.

‘Dunkirk’ is the story of early WWII with the battle of Dunkirk. The film follows three perspectives of the battle, with Tom Hardy battling in the air, Mark Rylance as a civilian sea captain and Cillian Murphy as someone in the army that doesn’t want to go back to the war to save people in the sea, and Harry Styles and Fionn Whitehead as soldiers on the land.


Dunkirk finally arrives on July 21, 2017.